#035 Vegetables

Vegetables: so hot right now. We might be in the Age of Bacon, but chefs across the country are bringing vegetables front and center and reminding us that they can be totally delicious (yes, really!). In this episode, Joanna and Daphnie discuss why vegetables are so important, how many servings we should be eating, how to buy the best ones, and what we can do to sneak them into our meals. Plus we talk about “The Biggest Loser” in “This is Crazy, Right?”

inks in this episode: Sesame Street's "Captain Vegetable", "The Plate" at choosemyplate.gov, Vegetable servings info from USDA, The Right Way to Store Veggies video from HGTV, EWG's "Dirty Dozen" fruits and veggies to buy organic, Farmers Market Finder, CSA Locator, Frittata recipe, NYT Mag article about "The Biggest Loser"