#072 Should You Track Your Macros?

This week's episode is inspired by a listener question about tracking macros. Tracking what now? Daphnie gives us the rundown on macronutrients and micronutrients, what they do for our bodies, and how we get them. Then, we tackle the question of tracking. When does it help? When might it be hurtful? What are some good strategies for tracking safely? Time to find out!

Links in this episode: Our episodes on Fat, Carbohydrates, and Protein

#071 Doctor-to-Be Michael Montalbano

Michael Montalbano is going to be a doctor! This week, we talk with Michael about his unusual route to medical school, what it takes just to get accepted, and the challenges of taking care of your body while you're busy learning how to take care of other bodies. Plus, Michael uses his expertise and tells us the four things he wants YOU to do for your health.

Links: More information on Columbia's medical school curriculum, Article on burnout and alcohol use among medical students, Follow Michael on Twitter

#070 Sexy Arms

If we’re being honest, lots of us are going to the gym to try and get sexy arms, but most of us don’t know what to do other than infinite bicep curls. This week, Daphnie talks us through the anatomy of our upper bodies and gives us a few suggestions for how to strengthen our arms (and the rest of our bodies) as efficiently as possible, because who has time for leg day AND arm day, am I right? Plus, we talk trash about Applebee’s “Lighter Fare” menu in “Best Choice”.

Links in this episode: Good images of upper body anatomy, Terry Crews flexing his pecs, Michael Phelps arm flap, Form Videos: Push-ups, Bent Over RowsDa Vinci man that inspired the stretch, Arm stretches, How to foam roll your upper body

#069 Periods and Hormones

Here it is, by popular demand: a whole episode about menstruation and hormones! How can this be a thing that half of the world’s population experiences for decades of their lives and we still don’t reeeeeally understand what’s happening? The patriarchy, that’s how! Daphnie explains what’s really going on and how to take care of your body if you’re a period-having person. Plus, we’re ALL hormone-having people, so Daphnie explains how our hormonal cycles affect us (that’d be you too, gents). But do we really have to exercise when we have our periods? One guess as to what Daphnie says...

Links in this episode: Menstrual cup reviews, Ted Ed video about menstruation, Guide to the female reproductive system,  New Moon Magazine, Lenny Letter all about endometriosis, Bloodfeast recipes from The Hairpin, Planned Parenthood info on birth control

#068 Workout Hacks

We all want to work out more often, but none of us have any time, energy, or ideas. (That sounds harsh, but LET’S BE HONEST!) This week, Daphnie shares her Top 9 Workout Hacks for making the most out of our workouts by a) helping us actually start them and b) making them worth our time. Plus, we find out what we should be eating before and after working out in What Your Trainer Eats!

Links in this episode: Tabata timer, Joanna's Spotify workout playlist

#067 Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

We all want to eat better and spend less money, but let’s be honest: it takes a lot of preparation to eat at home in a way that really is cheap, nutritious, and doesn’t take one million hours. This week, Daphnie and Joanna share how they handle meal planning and grocery shopping, including their best tips and their many failures. Plus, Daphnie totally flips out over what Joanna found for this week’s “This is Crazy, Right?”

Links in this episode: Meal planning tips for families, Todoist app10 crock pot freezer meals in under an hour, Joanna's favorite Indian food and Chinese food cookbooks, Dirty Dozen guide to pesticides and produce

#066 Warming Up

Are you cold? We’re cold. This week, we’re talking about how to warm up when we work out, and also how to just be warmer in life. From jumping jacks and leg swings to noodle soup and saunas, we’re pulling out all the stops to help you get the good kind of sweaty. Plus, Joanna tries to get out of exercising this winter in “Excuse of the Week”.

Links in this episode: How to do Seal JacksHow to do High Knees, How to do Butt Kickers, How to do Leg Swings, Free warm up video from Fitness Blender, Heattech from Uniqlo

#065 Make a Better Resolution

It’s the first week of January. Did you make a resolution? We’re here to trash it! Just kidding, we’re actually here to help you make a better resolution so you can sustain it and feel like a rockstar instead of feeling like a garbage failure by the end of January (trust us, we’ve been there). Here’s to kickstarting sustainable change! Plus, Daphnie does her best Consumer Reports impression in our latest Listener Question.

Links in this episode: Fitness Blender free workout videos, Livestrong free workout videos, Info on Daphnie's HIIT It! classes, Polar heart rate monitor under $60, Garmin heart rate monitor with GPS for under $130

#064 Bones and Calcium

Bones are weird, right? We don’t think about them much, but they’re what keeps us from being a bunch of empty skin sacks. Daphnie explains what our bones are made of, how we can keep them strong, and what we can do to change them for the better. Plus, we answer a Listener Question about gluten-free breakfasts.

Links: The Mayo Clinic on Osteoporosis and Scoliosis, Video about yoga therapy and Scoliosis, Alexander Technique, Posture monitor, Gluten-free banana pancakes, Breakfast rice porridge recipes, Cup 4 Cup gluten-free flour, King Arthur gluten-free mixes

#063 Oil

Hanukkah and Christmas are right around the corner, so this week we’re talking about oil! Daphnie tries to convince us to ditch our oil-free diets and explains which oils have health benefits and which we can leave on the shelf. Plus, we prep for holiday travel with Daphnie’s Favorite Exercise. Grab a jelly donut and take a listen!

Links: How olive oil is madeCoconut oil pie crust recipe, Olive oil cake recipeDaphnie's favorite coconut oil, Nordic Naturals Fish Oil with Vitamin D, Online Tabata timer

#062 Listener Questions

You asked for it! This week, Joanna and Daphnie answer questions from listeners, covering everything from bloating to protein powder (with a stop along the way to justify Joanna’s seltzer habit). Plus, we get hungry for steaks in “Best Choice”.

Links: Mara Wilson's book Where Am I Now?, How to brew kombuchaMore about Body Pump

#061 Eating Good and Cheap with Leanne Brown

This week, Joanna interviews cookbook author and food advocate Leanne Brown! Leanne tells us how her book Good and Cheap went from NYU thesis to Kickstarter phenomenon with a little help from Reddit. She explains why cooking can be extra stressful for people living at the poverty line and shares some of her favorite tips for eating well on $4 a day. Plus, what do “good” and “cheap” mean, really? The answers will be comforting, we promise.

Links: Leanne’s website, More info on SNAP, Buy Good and Cheap on Amazon, NYU Masters in Food Studies program, How to use SNAP at NY Farmers Markets

#060 BMI and Metrics

There are so many “super helpful tools” for judging our bodies (BMI, Waist-Hip Ratio, Body Fat Percentage, the list goes on) but sometimes it feels like they’re all designed to make us feel crappy. Daphnie explains what they are, what they actually measure, and how they get misused. Then, she suggests some better ways to keep track of how things are going on your journey to Awesome. Plus, we get to pretend we’re fancy in “What Your Trainer Eats”.

Links: BMI calculator, Why BMI is a terrible measure of health, WHR calculator, Body fat calculator, Fat loss monitor

#009RR Thanksgiving

It’s Turkey Lurkey Time! Otherwise known as Food Guilt and Family Stress Time. Joanna and Daphnie break down how can you fully enjoy your Thanksgiving without feeling overly stuffed, or overly guilty. Are mashed potatoes really so bad? Can stuffing come from somewhere other than a box? How can I go for a Turkey Trot when I have 15 houseguests? (Answers: No! Yes! We’ll tell you!) Plus, Daphnie shares her favorite exercise for when you’re traveling.

Links from this episode: Stuffin MuffinsJoanna's favorite pecan pie recipeCranberry Sauce from scratchJalapeno Cheddar Corn Bread recipe , Video of rocket squats

#059 Lungs Breath and Endurance

Take a deep breath: it’s time to talk about our lungs. We know they’re important, but how do they actually work and how can we make them stronger? Are we going to get big, bulky lungs from exercising? (JK) Mostly, what do we have to do so that we won’t be so out of breath when we climb the stairs? Plus, Daphnie goes up against one of her faves in “This is Crazy, Right?”

Links: Heart Health episode, Cool respiratory system graphics, How to make balloon lungs in a bottle, Resources for quitting smoking, Info on youth tobacco use, Health care costs of smoking, Freakonomics episode about flu shots

#058 Skin

Skin is super important: it’s the sack that holds all of our insides! It can also be the canary that tells us something isn’t right in the coal mine of our bodies. (Does this metaphor work?) This week, Daphnie tells us how to wash, what to eat, and whether or not to scrub in order to keep our skin attractive and effective. Plus, we talk about minor injuries in “Excuse of the Week”.

Links: Face wash with coconut oil and baking soda, Environmental Working Group Sunscreen Guide, Dry Brushing info from Goop (which is totally ridiculous but has lots of product links and I thought that might be helpful)

#057 Multi-Marathoner Dana Krashin

To celebrate the New York City Marathon on Sunday Nov. 6, we’re joined by multi-marathoner Dana Krashin! Her story takes her from watching the Boston Marathon with her family every year at mile 8.4 to running her first marathon in Boston in 2013, a marathon that we know was unlike any other. Dana’s positivity and love of running will almost convince you that running 26.2 miles sounds fun! Plus, we talk about what gear has stood the test of 9 marathons in “Dana’s Gear Corner”.

Links: Dana's Facebook, Team Hoyt, New York Road Runners, NYC MarathonMighty MilersCouch to 5K. Gear: Amphipod AirFlow Lite fanny pack, Sparkly Soul headbands, Feetures! socks, Garmin GPS watch

#033RR Weddings

Daphnie's getting hitched, and we're rerunning our "Weddings" episode to celebrate!

It’s wedding season! Whether you’re getting married (like Daphnie) or have a lot of friends who are (like Joanna), weddings can bring up a lot of fitness and nutrition questions. How can we escape the tyranny of the Wedding Industrial Complex? How can we look our best at weddings without doing crazy crash diets? And how can we make sure we’re not “that person at the wedding who was so drunk they fell in the koi pond”? As usual, it’s all about balance. Plus, delicious muffins in “What Your Trainer Eats”.

Links in this episode: Fill out our survey!Previous episode about juice cleansesChocolate Chip Banana Muffin recipe

#056 Pumpkins Apples and Spices

This time of year, anyone who’s producing #content is posting fall recipes. We’re...also doing that. But this isn’t just seasonal fluff! Daphnie explains the actual health benefits of your favorite fall foods and why they’re not just delicious but also nutritious. So grab a PSL and let’s get cozy! Plus, Daphnie faces her toughest “Best Choice” yet: McDonald’s!

Links: Recipe for Orecchiette with Pancetta, Pumpkin, and Broccoli Rabe, Recipe for Gnocchi with Squash and Kale, Best apple picking near NYCU of M Apple Development, Apple pie smoothie

#055 Sleep

It’s hard to convince people that sleep is just as important to our health as exercise and nutrition, but Daphnie’s on a mission to convince us to #aimfor8 (hours of sleep, that is). This week, we talk about why the body needs sleep and what gets in the way. Then, we solve all our problems with Daphnie’s Unending List of Tips for Getting More and Better Sleep.

Links: How Snoozing Strengthens Memory, Sleep disorder quiz, Arianna Huffington TED talk on sleepMike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me, Birbiglia's name joke, Meditation app, Sleep With Me podcast, Lands' End hypoallergenic pillows