#057 Multi-Marathoner Dana Krashin

To celebrate the New York City Marathon on Sunday Nov. 6, we’re joined by multi-marathoner Dana Krashin! Her story takes her from watching the Boston Marathon with her family every year at mile 8.4 to running her first marathon in Boston in 2013, a marathon that we know was unlike any other. Dana’s positivity and love of running will almost convince you that running 26.2 miles sounds fun! Plus, we talk about what gear has stood the test of 9 marathons in “Dana’s Gear Corner”.

Links: Dana's Facebook, Team Hoyt, New York Road Runners, NYC MarathonMighty MilersCouch to 5K. Gear: Amphipod AirFlow Lite fanny pack, Sparkly Soul headbands, Feetures! socks, Garmin GPS watch

#006 How to Start Running

Did you get inspired by the NYC Marathon this weekend? Just One More did! Joanna and Daphnie talk about how anyone (even normal people!) can start running. Important topics: why running is good for you, how to build up from walking to running, what equipment you need (and what you don't), and how to keep yourself from getting injured. Just remember: warm up, stretch, foam roll, ice.

Links from this episode: Team Challenge (Daphnie's team), JackRabbit Sports (great for getting fitted for shoes), Power Systems (for ordering a foam roller), Gothamista foam rolling video starring Daphnie!