#080 Genetics vs Effort: What Can You Change?

We get lots of messaging that tells us that if we work hard enough and buy the right stuff, we can change literally everything about ourselves. We even hear this from our doctors sometimes! But is it really all about willpower? What is genetic and what is effort? Daphnie and Joanna talk about what we can change and what we should work on accepting about our bodies. Plus, we knock down restriction diets in “This is Crazy, Right?”

Links in this episode: More on BRCA genes and testing from the Mayo Clinic, Article from The Guardian about how trauma can be inherited, Info from the CDC on risk factors for high cholesterol, The Sports Gene by David Epstein

#026 Eggs!

In honor of the upcoming Easter holiday, we’re talking about the incredible edible egg! One of nature’s best sources of protein, eggs are also low in calories, high in nutrients, and at the top of Joanna and Daphnie’s grocery lists. In this episode we talk about why eggs are so great, how to pick good ones, and how to cook them once you have them. Plus, Daphnie tells us how to make the Best Choice at Panera: The Land of Bread.

Links in this episode: Daphnie's former professor Dr. Lisa Young, Egg carton labels explained by NPR, Joanna's favorite way to fry eggs, Eggs in Purgatory recipe