#079 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Does Spring have you feeling like doing some spring cleaning on...yourself? Looking for ways to scratch the itch to “detox” without diets or juice cleanses or other things that are terrible for you? Our list of 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life is full of satisfying ideas that are truly healthy (and hopefully sustainable). Plus, Daphnie answers a listener question about running strollers.

Links in this episode: Here are some good salad recipes that are Sweetgreen copycats: Guacamole Greens, Spicy Sabzi, Harvest Bowl, Earth Bowl. Great salad container for packing your lunchAir filter for allergies, Salt block lamp, Mattress cover, Our Spring Break Workout episode

#002 Body Image

Joanna and Daphnie take on the issue of body image. Why do we have negative images of our bodies? How can we restore our relationships with our bodies? Joanna and Daphnie get personal about their own body image journies, and Daphnie gives some advice on how to come up with non-stupid affirmations you’ll actually be willing to use. Plus, we take on juice cleanses in “This is Crazy, Right?”