#136 Hamstrings

Hamstrings aren’t just sitting there waiting for dads to pull them while playing touch football at Thanksgiving. They’re one of our biggest muscle groups! Learn how they work, when we use them, why we injure them so often, and what to do to prevent it. Plus, Daphnie gives us her current favorite smoothie recipe in “What Your Trainer Eats”!

Links in this episode: More about hamstrings including some good images, Our episode on headaches with Jan Mundo, Daphnie's current favorite protein/collagen powder.
Form videos: deadlifts, bridges, hamstring curlfoam rolling your hamstrings.

#104 Listener Questions

You asked for it! This week, Joanna and Daphnie answer questions from listeners, covering everything from smoothie recipes to Ketogenic diets, with a good Question from Joanna’s Dad to round things out. Plus, we learn about Daphnie’s favorite animal in “Best Choice”.

Links in this episode: Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 produce lists, more info on Ketogenic diet, video about Ketogenic diet from Mayo Clinic

#088 10 Cheap Ways to Get More Awesome

Making positive, sustainable life changes is hard enough as it is. Add in the cost of organic produce, expensive gym memberships, and $100 pants, and it can feel totally out of reach for us normal people. Well, sorry, that excuse won’t work anymore after today! In this episode, Daphnie and Joanna have 10 Cheap Ways to Get More Awesome, and there’s something for everybody, from cheap college students to new parents on a budget. Plus we talk about internet buzzwords in “This is Crazy, Right?”

Links in this episode: "Ice cream" made from bananas, Free Prospect Park yogaFitness Blender, Yoga with AdrienePlanet Fitness gyms, Blink Fitness gyms, YMCA, Planet Money episode about how gyms make money, Video we talk about in "This Is Crazy, Right?"

#079 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Does Spring have you feeling like doing some spring cleaning on...yourself? Looking for ways to scratch the itch to “detox” without diets or juice cleanses or other things that are terrible for you? Our list of 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life is full of satisfying ideas that are truly healthy (and hopefully sustainable). Plus, Daphnie answers a listener question about running strollers.

Links in this episode: Here are some good salad recipes that are Sweetgreen copycats: Guacamole Greens, Spicy Sabzi, Harvest Bowl, Earth Bowl. Great salad container for packing your lunchAir filter for allergies, Salt block lamp, Mattress cover, Our Spring Break Workout episode

#012 Christmas

Christmas: the holiday that lasts four weeks. Whether you celebrate it or not, the season of cookies, parties, and disrupted work schedules can do a number on your health and fitness routine. We talk about what’s hard about the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: how to enjoy carb-y treats without food guilt, what to do at the office party, how to travel like a Prepared Panda, and what to do when you’re a guest in someone else’s house. Our christmas gift to you: a holiday without food chatter. Plus, Daphnie tells us how to make the best choice when we’re at Starbucks.

Links from this episode: Almond Kale Banana smoothie recipe, Oatmeal Cocoa Chippers recipe

#010 Intro to Strength Training

Joanna and Daphnie attack the myths surrounding strength training, especially for women. This episode explains why strength training is good for you, why it won’t turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger, and how you can do it in your tiny apartment without any equipment. Plus, Joanna apologizes to Daphnie on behalf of all normal people, and Daphnie answers a listener question about mixing vegetables and fruit in smoothies.


Links from this episode: Powersystems link for dumbellsFitness Blender, HIIT It classes

#005 Halloween

Halloween kicks off the holiday season. (Isn’t that terrible?) How do you handle all that candy? Hide it from your kids? Hide it from yourself? Hide under the table at the office party? Daphnie has great trick or treating and party tips for having a healthy holiday without being a huge downer. Plus, we talk about Daphnie’s smoothie recipe in What Your Trainer Eats.

Links from this episode: Recipe for Gnocchi with Squash and Kale, Halloween Candy Buyback, Recipe for Sweet Potato Chili, Recipe for Orzo Salad to Bring to Parties, Teal Pumpkin Project, SNL Vitamix Sketch