#140 Caffeine

We all have a friend who is giving up caffeine and is sooooooo pleased with themselves, but do we really need to do that? What IS caffeine and what is it actually doing to us? Daphnie gives us the information we need to make our own choices. Please, please, please, Daphnie: don’t take away our coffee!

Links in this episode: More on whether or not caffeine can be addictive, Caffeine amounts in different drinks

#024 Giancarla Boyle Talks Yoga

Just One More welcomes guest Giancarla Boyle, certified Yoga Therapy and Hatha Vinyasa Teacher extraordinaire. Giancarla talks about her introduction to yoga and her journey to becoming a teacher, as well as the difference between Yoga the Practice and Yoga the Brand. What might yoga do for you, and how do you find the right class and teacher? Giancarla gives us the scoop! Plus, an energetic discussion about Bulletproof Coffee in “This is Crazy, Right?”

inks in this episode: Giancarla's website, Giancarla on YourGuru.com, more info on myelination, foods that improve myelination