#122 Fitness, Nutrition, and the Brain

We try not to play favorites, but let’s be honest: the brain is the most important organ in the body. So why do we talk so little about how we can take good care of it? Daphnie explains how we can use nutrition and exercise to supercharge our brains for focus, memory, and even happiness. Warning: science ahead!

Links in this episode: More on sugar and the brain from Harvard Medical School, Spark by John J. Ratey MD with Eric HagermanMore on exercise and depression, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Wendy SuzukiHealthy Brain, Happy Life by Wendy Suzuki, PhD  

#115 What's the Deal with Dairy?

Dairy is one of those foods that people are always swearing off for one reason or another. So what’s the real story? Should we be avoiding dairy or not? Are some dairy foods healthier than others? Daphnie gives us the scoop (like ice cream, get it?)

Links in this episode: Mars Cheese Castle, More on how the government promotes milkCornucopia Institute's ratings of different organic milk brands, Environmental Working Group's milk ratings, Our episode where we talked about Bulletproof Coffee

#104 Listener Questions

You asked for it! This week, Joanna and Daphnie answer questions from listeners, covering everything from smoothie recipes to Ketogenic diets, with a good Question from Joanna’s Dad to round things out. Plus, we learn about Daphnie’s favorite animal in “Best Choice”.

Links in this episode: Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 produce lists, more info on Ketogenic diet, video about Ketogenic diet from Mayo Clinic

#072 Should You Track Your Macros?

This week's episode is inspired by a listener question about tracking macros. Tracking what now? Daphnie gives us the rundown on macronutrients and micronutrients, what they do for our bodies, and how we get them. Then, we tackle the question of tracking. When does it help? When might it be hurtful? What are some good strategies for tracking safely? Time to find out!

Links in this episode: Our episodes on Fat, Carbohydrates, and Protein

#063 Oil

Hanukkah and Christmas are right around the corner, so this week we’re talking about oil! Daphnie tries to convince us to ditch our oil-free diets and explains which oils have health benefits and which we can leave on the shelf. Plus, we prep for holiday travel with Daphnie’s Favorite Exercise. Grab a jelly donut and take a listen!

Links: How olive oil is madeCoconut oil pie crust recipe, Olive oil cake recipeDaphnie's favorite coconut oil, Nordic Naturals Fish Oil with Vitamin D, Online Tabata timer

#060 BMI and Metrics

There are so many “super helpful tools” for judging our bodies (BMI, Waist-Hip Ratio, Body Fat Percentage, the list goes on) but sometimes it feels like they’re all designed to make us feel crappy. Daphnie explains what they are, what they actually measure, and how they get misused. Then, she suggests some better ways to keep track of how things are going on your journey to Awesome. Plus, we get to pretend we’re fancy in “What Your Trainer Eats”.

Links: BMI calculator, Why BMI is a terrible measure of health, WHR calculator, Body fat calculator, Fat loss monitor

#058 Skin

Skin is super important: it’s the sack that holds all of our insides! It can also be the canary that tells us something isn’t right in the coal mine of our bodies. (Does this metaphor work?) This week, Daphnie tells us how to wash, what to eat, and whether or not to scrub in order to keep our skin attractive and effective. Plus, we talk about minor injuries in “Excuse of the Week”.

Links: Face wash with coconut oil and baking soda, Environmental Working Group Sunscreen Guide, Dry Brushing info from Goop (which is totally ridiculous but has lots of product links and I thought that might be helpful)

#024 Giancarla Boyle Talks Yoga

Just One More welcomes guest Giancarla Boyle, certified Yoga Therapy and Hatha Vinyasa Teacher extraordinaire. Giancarla talks about her introduction to yoga and her journey to becoming a teacher, as well as the difference between Yoga the Practice and Yoga the Brand. What might yoga do for you, and how do you find the right class and teacher? Giancarla gives us the scoop! Plus, an energetic discussion about Bulletproof Coffee in “This is Crazy, Right?”

inks in this episode: Giancarla's website, Giancarla on YourGuru.com, more info on myelination, foods that improve myelination

#003 Carbs!

Joanna and Daphnie talk carbs. What are carbohydrates and why does everyone seem so afraid of them? What’s the deal with Atkins, South Beach, and Paleo? What is a gluten, anyway? Plus, Daphnie helps Joanna get over her “Excuse of the Week” for why she isn’t exercising.

#001 Fat!

Joanna and Daphnie talk about fat! What is fat in food? What is body fat? Why do our bodies store fat and why is that a good thing? Why did we eat all that low-fat crap in the 90’s? Daphnie explains it all and Joanna eats an avocado stuffed with walnuts. Plus, we find out what Daphnie eats for breakfast in “What Your Trainer Eats”.