#169 Diet Trends: Vertical Diet and Plant Paradox

Our Google search histories are littered with diet plans we were pretty sure would change our lives. So, what would we learn if we could see what diets are getting searched the most around the world? Continuing our “Diet Trends” series, we’re breaking down two diets that are popping on Google Trends, the Vertical Diet and Plant Paradox, and explaining why you don’t need to bother with either one.

Links in this episode: PureWow on the Vertical Diet, Good Housekeeping on Plant Paradox, Google Trends, More about lectins from the Mayo Clinic, Our episode on Orthorexia

#069 Periods and Hormones

Here it is, by popular demand: a whole episode about menstruation and hormones! How can this be a thing that half of the world’s population experiences for decades of their lives and we still don’t reeeeeally understand what’s happening? The patriarchy, that’s how! Daphnie explains what’s really going on and how to take care of your body if you’re a period-having person. Plus, we’re ALL hormone-having people, so Daphnie explains how our hormonal cycles affect us (that’d be you too, gents). But do we really have to exercise when we have our periods? One guess as to what Daphnie says...

Links in this episode: Menstrual cup reviews, Ted Ed video about menstruation, Guide to the female reproductive system,  New Moon Magazine, Lenny Letter all about endometriosis, Bloodfeast recipes from The Hairpin, Planned Parenthood info on birth control