#118 The Just One More Fitness Test

This President’s Day has us thinking about the Presidential Fitness Test. Do you have terrible memories of trying to do a “flexed arm hang” in front of all of your 7th grade classmates? We do! So we’re scrapping the old test and suggesting a handful of better ways to track your fitness progress. It’s the Just One More Fitness Test! Plus, Daphnie answers a listener question about how to balance evening workouts and trying not to eat late.

Links in this episode: Presidential Youth Fitness Program, Runkeeper, Map My Run, Fitbit Alta HR, Fitbit Charge 2Garmin vívosmart HR under $80Garmin vívoactive HR with GPS

#060 BMI and Metrics

There are so many “super helpful tools” for judging our bodies (BMI, Waist-Hip Ratio, Body Fat Percentage, the list goes on) but sometimes it feels like they’re all designed to make us feel crappy. Daphnie explains what they are, what they actually measure, and how they get misused. Then, she suggests some better ways to keep track of how things are going on your journey to Awesome. Plus, we get to pretend we’re fancy in “What Your Trainer Eats”.

Links: BMI calculator, Why BMI is a terrible measure of health, WHR calculator, Body fat calculator, Fat loss monitor