#049RR Inflammation

Talking about inflammation has gotten trendy recently. Is it really the cause of all of our problems? Daphnie explains the different kinds of inflammation, what the deal is with anti-inflammatory diets, and how we can use reducing inflammation to our advantage. Plus we talk about delicious nutritious olive oil in Power Foods.

Links in this episode: Chronic stress in kids, EWG guide to household cleaners, New Yorker article about inflammation, How strong is the link between inflammation and depression?, More info on probiotics in food4-7-8 breaths , Harvard's list of foods that fight inflammation

#055 Sleep

It’s hard to convince people that sleep is just as important to our health as exercise and nutrition, but Daphnie’s on a mission to convince us to #aimfor8 (hours of sleep, that is). This week, we talk about why the body needs sleep and what gets in the way. Then, we solve all our problems with Daphnie’s Unending List of Tips for Getting More and Better Sleep.

Links: How Snoozing Strengthens Memory, Sleep disorder quiz, Arianna Huffington TED talk on sleepMike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me, Birbiglia's name joke, Meditation app, Sleep With Me podcast, Lands' End hypoallergenic pillows