#021RR Five Ways to Love Your Body

You give valentines to your lover/partner/friends/kids. Now it’s time to give one to yourself! This week we name Five Ways to Love Your Body: indulgent treats that make you feel good AND are good for you. (Joanna told Daphnie she wasn’t allowed to include “working out”, so yeah, they are actually things you’ll want to do). Plus, we answer a super romantic listener question about fish oil, the supplement for lovers. (Not really. It’s for everyone and has nothing to do with love.)

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#049RR Inflammation

Talking about inflammation has gotten trendy recently. Is it really the cause of all of our problems? Daphnie explains the different kinds of inflammation, what the deal is with anti-inflammatory diets, and how we can use reducing inflammation to our advantage. Plus we talk about delicious nutritious olive oil in Power Foods.

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#117 Be Less Busy

Every person you know is too busy, including you. Feeling super busy can be stressful, and it can keep you from putting your energy toward the things that matter the most. We talk about how we got so busy, what we get out of it, and how we can take things down a notch. Plus, Daphnie explains what’s wrong with a Pinterest diet in “This is Crazy, Right?”

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#099 Emotional Eating

Lots of us identify as Emotional Eaters, but what does that really mean? How can we get more in touch with our hunger cues without being controlling about food? Daphnie walks us through how to think about emotional eating outside the context of weight loss and offers tips and tricks for becoming more aware of our habits.

Links in this episode: Past guest Christy Harrison's podcast Food Psych, Our episode on Mindful Eating, Refinery29 on Emotional Eating, NAMI mental health resources

#055 Sleep

It’s hard to convince people that sleep is just as important to our health as exercise and nutrition, but Daphnie’s on a mission to convince us to #aimfor8 (hours of sleep, that is). This week, we talk about why the body needs sleep and what gets in the way. Then, we solve all our problems with Daphnie’s Unending List of Tips for Getting More and Better Sleep.

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#052 Stress

Stress: we’ve all got it, and some of us are pretty proud of ours. It means we’re super successful and important, right? Actually, stress has some pretty negative effects on the body. In this week’s episode, Daphnie explains how our bodies are trying to help us with stress, why it’s actually hurting us, and what we can do to help let go of the stress we create for ourselves. Plus, we do a REALLY FUN PUSH-UP in "Daphnie’s Favorite Exercise".

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#007 Metabolism

Daphnie busts open Joanna’s myths about metabolism by explaining what your metabolism actually is. Find out why Daphnie hates calorie counting, why starvation diets don’t work, and why we keep talking about cavemen. Then, Daphnie names some Super Cool Hacks to help you get your metabolism operating at peak performance like some sort of fancy car.