#108 5 Ways to Thank Your Body

It’s easy to be mad at our bodies. Why can’t they look the way we want them to? Why don’t they run faster? Why aren’t they stronger? Why do they still operate based on Caveman rules? But our bodies are INCREDIBLE! Here are 5 ways to thank your body for the incredible job it does of keeping you alive. Plus, if you don’t have time for a Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving, Daphnie has some alternate ideas in “Daphnie’s Favorite Exercise”.

Links in this episode: "In the Service" podcast, More info on the fear/disgust over holes and dots, USDA food safety tips, America's Test Kitchen on keeping your sink clean (via Splendid Table), Presence by Amy Cuddy

#004 Routine

Part of becoming more awesome is setting up an exercise routine. (We know, we know. Becoming more awesome is hard and annoying.) What are some good ways to make it easier to make time for working out? How often do we really need to be doing it? And, for us normal people...what if you miss a day and break your routine? Plus, Daphnie talks us through her favorite exercise (here’s a GIF of her doing it forever without stopping!)