#094 Shutting Down Body Shaming

A listener asks, “How do you shut down negative food talk among coworkers?” We’ve all been caught in situations where we’re uncomfortable with the way our friends and colleagues are talking about themselves, or the food they eat, or celebrities’ bodies. How can we turn those conversations around without making our friends feel defensive? By the end of the episode, you’ll have the tools to be a quiet (or loud!) warrior for body positivity.

#054 One Year Anniversary

It’s our one year anniversary! To celebrate Just One More’s birthday, Daphnie and Joanna take a look at the last year and talk about starting the podcast, our favorite episodes, and what we thought we were getting into. We also talk about the benefits of stopping to take a bird’s eye view of our lives on our journeys to becoming more awesome. Plus, Daphnie spends too much money on candy in “What Your Trainer Eats”. Thanks to all our listeners for making this an incredible first year!

Thanks to: Libby PR, Keith and the Girl, Haley DeGroat, Giancarla Boyle, Sara Vaccariello, Christy Harrison, our friends and families, and our awesome listeners!

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