#052 Stress

Stress: we’ve all got it, and some of us are pretty proud of ours. It means we’re super successful and important, right? Actually, stress has some pretty negative effects on the body. In this week’s episode, Daphnie explains how our bodies are trying to help us with stress, why it’s actually hurting us, and what we can do to help let go of the stress we create for ourselves. Plus, we do a REALLY FUN PUSH-UP in "Daphnie’s Favorite Exercise".

Links: Our episode about Inflammation, 4-7-8 breaths, Push-up with shoulder taps

#025 I'm Sick!

It’s that disgusting time of year when EVERYONE IS SICK! Daphnie and Joanna list every way they can think of to strengthen your immune system and keep you feeling good. Also discussed: what to do when you’ve got the crud, and whether or not hot toddies are full of lies. Plus, a listener question we can all relate to: “I want a bagel.”

Links in this episode: Freakonomics Radio Flu Shot Episode, Get a Neti PotNeti pot video, Face Steamer similar to Joanna's