#048 Hitting the Wall

We normal people ask ourselves this all the time: “Do I really need a break, or am I just being lazy?” Whether you’re hitting the wall and thinking of skipping your workout or laid up with an injury and furious that you CAN’T exercise, dealing with frustration is a critical part of getting more awesome. Daphnie gives us some strategies for figuring out when we really need a break and when we need to suck it up and work out, and what to do when we can’t do our normal routine. Plus, things get fruity in “What Your Trainer Eats”.

inks in this episode: Essay about taking breaks like cavemen

#025 I'm Sick!

It’s that disgusting time of year when EVERYONE IS SICK! Daphnie and Joanna list every way they can think of to strengthen your immune system and keep you feeling good. Also discussed: what to do when you’ve got the crud, and whether or not hot toddies are full of lies. Plus, a listener question we can all relate to: “I want a bagel.”

Links in this episode: Freakonomics Radio Flu Shot Episode, Get a Neti PotNeti pot video, Face Steamer similar to Joanna's

#023 Should You Go Vegetarian?

There are a lot of reasons people go vegetarian: they don’t believe in eating animals, they want to lose weight, they want to be like Alicia Silverstone, whatever. So, should you? Joanna and Daphnie talk about the difference between going vegetarian for moral reasons and doing it for health reasons, and Daphnie causes a ruckus with her strong feelings about the subject. Plus, Daphnie talks Joanna through her Excuse of the Week.