#038 Meat

Happy Father’s Day! We’re using the holiday as an excuse to talk about meat. (#genderedstereotypes) There’s a whole lot of pop “science” out there telling you all sorts of weird stuff about eating meat, so Joanna and Daphnie get down to brass tacks: what does meat do for us, what kind should we be eating, and how much? Plus, what’s the deal with “dressing on the side”? Daphnie answers a salad dressing-related Listener Question.

inks in this episode: Joanna's favorite turkey burger recipe, Why is American Food So Cheap?, Balsamic Vinaigrette recipe

#011 Protein

Everyone loves protein: it helps rebuild and repair muscles, and it keeps us feeling full. But how much do we really need? How do we get more of it? Do we need to eat steak in meat sauce? Why does quinoa taste like rocks?  Daphnie and Joanna offer tons of protein-filled tips for normal people who like their food to taste like food, instead of a pile of crunchy dust. Plus, another listener question from Joanna's Dad!

Links in this episode: one great quinoa recipe