#129 Healing Headaches with Jan Mundo

Headaches and migraines aren’t just “in your head”; they can seriously affect your overall health, not to mention happiness. Headache coach Jan Mundo has been treating headache sufferers, including herself, since the 1970s, and her new book, The Headache Healer’s Handbook, offers a holistic, somatic approach to migraine relief and prevention. Jan walks us through how migraineurs can investigate headache triggers and be our own best advocates.  

Links in this episode: Jan’s website, Jan’s book, The Farm, More about Suzuki Roshi and "beginner’s mind"Moving for Life classes

#041 10 Things You Get to Stop Doing

Fitness and nutrition experts are always giving you lists of things you should be doing. In typical Just One More fashion, we don’t do things like everybody else does. Here is Just One More’s list of 10 Things You Get to Stop Doing! Like, forever! You never have to do them again! Plus, Daphnie helps us figure out what to order at Chipotle in “Best Choice”.

Links in this episode: Our previous coverage of Eggs, Milk, Artificial Sweeteners, Carbs, and Abs 

#028 Sweet Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth? It’s OK! It seems like the entire internet is telling you to “quit sugar”, but in some deep part of you, we think you already know that’s unrealistic. Daphnie tells us why we crave sweet treats, what kind of sugar we really should cut out, and how to make sustainable changes without giving up our afternoon cookie. Plus, we learn another one of Daphnie’s Favorite Exercises!

Links in this episode: video of bent over dumbbell row form, info on artificial sweeteners from Harvard School of Public Health