#089 Weirdest Thing I've Ever Done

The world of fitness and nutrition is wide, and it is 90% completely insane. Totally rational people do crazy things because they saw them in a magazine or on Pinterest. Joanna and Daphnie are no exception! This week, we talk about the weirdest things we’ve ever done in the name of “health”. Then, we open things up to our listeners and things REALLY get wacky! Plus, Daphnie turns into a Green Goddess in “What Your Trainer Eats”.

Links in this episode: National Eating Disorder Helpline, National Alliance on Mental Illness HelpLine

#003 Carbs!

Joanna and Daphnie talk carbs. What are carbohydrates and why does everyone seem so afraid of them? What’s the deal with Atkins, South Beach, and Paleo? What is a gluten, anyway? Plus, Daphnie helps Joanna get over her “Excuse of the Week” for why she isn’t exercising.