#088 10 Cheap Ways to Get More Awesome

Making positive, sustainable life changes is hard enough as it is. Add in the cost of organic produce, expensive gym memberships, and $100 pants, and it can feel totally out of reach for us normal people. Well, sorry, that excuse won’t work anymore after today! In this episode, Daphnie and Joanna have 10 Cheap Ways to Get More Awesome, and there’s something for everybody, from cheap college students to new parents on a budget. Plus we talk about internet buzzwords in “This is Crazy, Right?”

Links in this episode: "Ice cream" made from bananas, Free Prospect Park yogaFitness Blender, Yoga with AdrienePlanet Fitness gyms, Blink Fitness gyms, YMCA, Planet Money episode about how gyms make money, Video we talk about in "This Is Crazy, Right?"

#067 Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

We all want to eat better and spend less money, but let’s be honest: it takes a lot of preparation to eat at home in a way that really is cheap, nutritious, and doesn’t take one million hours. This week, Daphnie and Joanna share how they handle meal planning and grocery shopping, including their best tips and their many failures. Plus, Daphnie totally flips out over what Joanna found for this week’s “This is Crazy, Right?”

Links in this episode: Meal planning tips for families, Todoist app10 crock pot freezer meals in under an hour, Joanna's favorite Indian food and Chinese food cookbooks, Dirty Dozen guide to pesticides and produce

#016 Staying Fit on a Budget

It’s easy to feel like fitness and nutrition are TOO EXPENSIVE! But just because you aren’t rolling in dough doesn’t mean you can’t afford to get more awesome. How can you stay physically healthy AND financially healthy? Daphnie and Joanna talk through what you don’t need to spend money on (hint: fancy athleisure wear) and ways to save on the good stuff (like produce and good running shoes). Because as Daphnie says, “There was health before Soulcycle and $11 green drinks.” Plus, we talk barefoot running in “This Is Crazy, Right?”

Links from this episode: Running Warehouse, Zappos, DSW, Moving Comfort sports bras, SNAP e-cookbook, Fitness Blender