#067 Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

We all want to eat better and spend less money, but let’s be honest: it takes a lot of preparation to eat at home in a way that really is cheap, nutritious, and doesn’t take one million hours. This week, Daphnie and Joanna share how they handle meal planning and grocery shopping, including their best tips and their many failures. Plus, Daphnie totally flips out over what Joanna found for this week’s “This is Crazy, Right?”

Links in this episode: Meal planning tips for families, Todoist app10 crock pot freezer meals in under an hour, Joanna's favorite Indian food and Chinese food cookbooks, Dirty Dozen guide to pesticides and produce

#017 Winter Meals

Winter eating is hard: your caveman body is biologically preset to want to stuff itself with heavy breadfoods. What can we do to avoid the Extra Winter Layer? Daphnie shares her 5 Winter Metabolism Hacks to help trick your body out of hibernation mode.  We talk about foods that are appropriate for winter AND good for your body so that you don’t feel like you have to slog through a February of cold salads. Plus, Daphnie teaches us one of her favorite exercises.

Links in this episode: Eater's Winter Vegetable Roasting Tips, Every Grain of Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop, Food Matters Cookbook for that awesome Curried Tomato Soup recipeThis slow cooker costs less than $25, This is the fancy one Joanna has, Food Network slow cooker recipesRainbow plank video