#175 Metabolism (Revisited)

Recently, a new listener messaged us to ask if we had an episode about Metabolism. “Sure!” we said. Then we looked and it was...Episode 7. So it’s definitely time for us to revisit our metabolisms with a new lens. Daphnie explains what metabolism actually is and what the value is in knowing about it if we’re not aiming for weight loss.

Links in this episode: Our “Is it ok to want to lose weight” episode

#017 Winter Meals

Winter eating is hard: your caveman body is biologically preset to want to stuff itself with heavy breadfoods. What can we do to avoid the Extra Winter Layer? Daphnie shares her 5 Winter Metabolism Hacks to help trick your body out of hibernation mode.  We talk about foods that are appropriate for winter AND good for your body so that you don’t feel like you have to slog through a February of cold salads. Plus, Daphnie teaches us one of her favorite exercises.

Links in this episode: Eater's Winter Vegetable Roasting Tips, Every Grain of Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop, Food Matters Cookbook for that awesome Curried Tomato Soup recipeThis slow cooker costs less than $25, This is the fancy one Joanna has, Food Network slow cooker recipesRainbow plank video

#007 Metabolism

Daphnie busts open Joanna’s myths about metabolism by explaining what your metabolism actually is. Find out why Daphnie hates calorie counting, why starvation diets don’t work, and why we keep talking about cavemen. Then, Daphnie names some Super Cool Hacks to help you get your metabolism operating at peak performance like some sort of fancy car.